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Do you want to help build the healthier, more human workplaces of the future? Ones that support better mental health for all? Then come with us. 

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We are here to support a revolution in the workplace - to inspire and equip people to enhance mental wellbeing in the workplace. This community is our virtual hub, a place for HR directors, internal communicators, managers, team leads and peer-leaders to troubleshoot, share best practice, ask for advice or assistance, and test ideas for workplace wellbeing with a group of like-minded peers - people who, just like you, have an interest in ensuring the cultures we work in (however they look in this new age of work) grow in a people-centric way.

We believe in building a vibrant community of mental health advocates based on shared values of: inclusiveness, integrity, compassion, collaboration and caring. We'd love for you to join us. 

This community is brought to you by Minds@Work, a UK-based charity running free events and programmes to inspire and equip everyone to create workplaces that are good for our wellbeing. We want to achieve a world where work enhances mental wellbeing and doesn't contribute towards mental ill health.

If you are seeking support for your own mental health needs, this list of resources can help you to access urgent help in a mental health crisis. Therapeutic support is best delivered by clinically qualified professionals in a safe and personal space.

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